Shoulder Fracture

OPA treats a wide variety of shoulder conditions and offers comprehensive treatment options — including many non-surgical solutions.

What is a Shoulder Fracture?

Disruption of any of the parts of the shoulder can create difficulty with its function. There are three types of shoulder fractures; clavicle, scapula, and proximal humerus.

Common Causes:

    • Fall
    • Motor vehicle accident
    • Sport injury
    • Osteoporosis

Symptoms of shoulder fracture may include:

    • Pain and bruising
    • Limited range of motion
    • A visible anatomical deformity

When you arrive for your initial consultation, one of our team of shoulder specialists will evaluate your areas of concern, discuss your symptoms, and develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. This evaluation is a necessary part of diagnosing your condition and providing the best possible care.

When diagnosing a shoulder sprain, The OPA Shoulder Specialist:

    • A medical, injury, and symptom history review
    • A physical examination
    • Multiple view x-rays

Once an official diagnosis is made, a customized treatment plan is prescribed. Treatment plans decrease symptoms as quickly as possible.

Common Treatments:

Nonsurgical treatment options may be used to treat shoulder fractures that do not involve serious bone displacement . A combination of the following is prescribed:

Use of a sling or brace gives bones and tendons time to heal.
Physical Therapy

One of OPA’s onsite physical therapists prescribes and monitors strengthening and stretching exercises.

Rest & Ice
Temporarily stopping or slowing down activities that cause shoulder tendonitis gives inflammation a chance to calm down.

Surgical intervention may be recommended in some cases. A broken or fractured bone is reduced and fixated during an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) procedure. Symptoms decrease and you return to a normal, pain-free, unrestricted life.

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The OPA team includes Alaska’s leading specialists and offers some of the latest, most advanced treatment procedures available today.

OPA treats a wide variety of conditions and offers comprehensive treatment options — including many non-surgical solutions, minimally invasive arthroscopies (repairs) and total joint replacement.

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