In 2019, the OrthoForum invited OPA to join its network of leading orthopedic physicians around the country to further advance best practices in the delivery of value-based patient care.

The OrthoForum is a national specialty physician network whose membership includes many of the largest privately owned orthopedic practices in the United States. The OrthoForum was established to meet the unique challenges that integrated orthopedic group practices face in today’s health care environment. Each member is individually selected to participate in activities that advance each group’s presence in its local and regional markets through benchmarking, innovation, business ventures, networking, and best practices.

Highlighted service offerings include the most comprehensive orthopedic practice benchmarking data system in the nation and an annual series of meetings that foster member networking and individual interactions. This is supported by opportunities throughout the year to gain information and education through listserv communications, surveys, webinars, conference calls, and one-on-one contacts. The overarching theme is the utilization of a learning community where every member is encouraged to participate. Emphasis is placed on achieving improved operating and strategic performance through best practices and shared knowledge.

Both as an organization, and through its individual members, the OrthoForum is politically engaged to protect independent orthopedic group practice. Our member groups face many federal and state policy issues that impact their ability to provide quality and cost-effective care to their patients. The OrthoForum advocacy team regularly develops strategies and actions to defend independent practice, placing the highest priority on patient access, efficient treatment processes, and reduced cost. To support our efforts we collaborate with key stakeholders nationwide to strengthen our message, including other orthopedic and medical associations, patient advocacy organizations, and other like-minded industry groups.

The OrthoForum has established itself as one of the nation’s foremost authorities for orthopedic business management. Our extensive benchmarking data system remains as the factual backbone to identifying best practices and setting reliable performance objectives. In addition, we are committed to helping strategically position our member groups to not only thrive in the face of new industry challenges but lead in shaping the delivery of value-based care.

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