Effective June 12, 2017, the Public Education Health Trust (PEHT) entered into a contracted provider agreement with Orthopedic Physicians Alaska, through our parent company OrthoAlaska, LLC, for discounted services.

Prior to the agreement, Anchorage had a very limited number of in-network (contracted) orthopedic physicians and no access to in-network spine, rheumatology, trauma or orthopedic injury walk-in care. The agreement now covers all orthopedic subspecialties and opens doors to all 30 OPA and OrthoAlaska physicians with offices in Anchorage, Eagle River and Wasilla.

The contract affects thousands of Alaskan teachers, and their enrolled dependents in the Anchorage area and throughout the state.

Patients will see:

  • Reduced out-of-pocket expenses,
  • No patient balance billing,
  • More orthopedic & rheumatology physician choices, and
  • More timely access to care.

Plan members now have access to orthopedic care outside the Aetna network and have significant local low-cost alternatives to leaving the state for orthopedic surgery.

This agreement includes the full spectrum of orthopedic and rheumatology care, including physical therapy, and imaging services (MRI, CT, X-Ray, Dexa, Fluoroscopy).

For OPA, entering into this agreement is part of an ongoing effort to help lower the cost of healthcare in Alaska.

“We have been acutely aware of Alaska’s rising healthcare costs and the need to do more to lower costs of orthopedic care and all facets of musculoskeletal care,” explains OPA CEO Rick Watson. “We are pleased to have worked together with the good people at EBMS, the broker for PEHT, to achieve a win-win solution for the greater good of teachers in our community.”

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