William Carr

“I had both knees done at once and the next day I was up and walking down the halls.”

Double Knee Replacement

Prior to coming to OPA, William (Bill) Carr had been in a wheelchair for two and a half years, unable to walk due to pain in his legs. He was referred to Dr. Hall by another physician and eventually had both knees replaced, at the same time. He was walking the next day.

“Dr. Hall likes to do things in a methodical way, and that is one of many reasons I stayed with OPA. He offered many choices and told me what each choice implied and its ramifications, and that is what really made me impressed with Dr. Hall.

Plus Dr. Hall would come in and he would spend as much time as I wanted with him, not just as much time as he could spare. That was impressive.

From day one I was comfortable with the situation. I was comfortable with his expertise. I asked him and everyone else about their schooling and their practice and their experience. And I can tell you that Dr. Hall has more than the proper credentials for what he does, and he does it very well.

One of the deciding factors in Dr. Hall, as opposed to a couple of the other physicians in town that are very proficient in bilateral knee replacement, was his approach after surgery for recovery. He wanted the individual to recover, not a machine.

I had both knees done at once and the next day I was up and walking down the halls. That feeling of being able to walk without pain is like being reborn!

It was just an excellent experience. Dr. Hall does things different than some doctors and that is a big plus for me, a big plus. Had I known that this clinic, as well as people like Dr. Hall, were available, I would have done it two years prior.

Anybody requiring any orthopedic work, any part of their body, without a doubt I would be more than happy to refer them to Orthopedic Physicians Anchorage. They do an excellent job and will take care of you in every way.”


The OPA team includes Alaska’s leading specialists and offers some of the latest, most advanced treatment procedures available today.

OPA treats a wide variety of conditions and offers comprehensive treatment options — including many non-surgical solutions, minimally invasive arthroscopies (repairs) and total joint replacement.

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