Cynthia Decker

“I had (elbow) surgery and have had incredible success. …I have already recommended OPA.”

Elbow Surgery

Cynthia Decker is a nurse who’s been working in the Anchorage community for many years. When she fractured her elbow, she sought out OPA’s Marc Kornmesser, M.D., for a second opinion. She decided to stick with OPA and follow Dr. Kornmesser’s treatment plan to ensure she could remain as active as she was before surgery.

“I first saw another orthopedic physician and wasn’t real happy with the approach that he wanted to take. I felt like I was going to end up with deficits and that was not acceptable to me because I am very active.”

One thing that Dr. Kornmesser did for me is he looked at the fact that I am a very active person. He was training for a ski race. I would’ve been in that same ski race if I hadn’t fractured my arm and I think he appreciated that.

Another thing I really like about Dr. Kornmesser, and the group in general, is that they are younger and they are more on top of really current treatments.

I am very happy I chose OPA. My elbow surgery with Dr. Kornmesser was an incredible success.”


The OPA team includes Alaska’s leading specialists and offers some of the latest, most advanced treatment procedures available today.

OPA treats a wide variety of conditions and offers comprehensive treatment options — including many non-surgical solutions, minimally invasive arthroscopies (repairs) and total joint replacement.

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